Construction Updates as of Jan. 7, 2019

Construction map
  1. Demolition of obsolete buildings (Jan.-Mar. 2019)

Beginning in January 2019, the strip mall on the northwest corner of Gen. Hudnell Drive will be underway. Demolition work will be completed within a few weeks and all debris is being moved and disposed off-site on an ongoing basis.

This work will not impact traffic or require road closures, though we do ask that drivers slow down as hauling trucks and equipment enter and exit the demolition site.

This work is important in the ongoing development of the Port as a fast-growing center of employment and economic activity for San Antonio.

Once demolition is complete, the site of the former shopping strip will be land for the construction of future mixed-use facilities, which could include additional offices as well as amenities for those who work at the Port and the neighborhoods around us.

Later in January, the Port will also begin demolition of several obsolete and unoccupied metal buildings on the east side of the intersection of Gen. Hudnell Dr. and Billy Mitchell Blvd. Long-term, these sites will also be used for the development of offices and similar facilities.