Port San Antonio has the big job of redeveloping 1,900 acres that were once Kelly Air Force Base and help create thousands of new jobs.

The Port is the region’s single-largest commercial/industrial property—about three times the area of downtown San Antonio with over 10 million square feet of facilities and a lot of open space.

As the organization revitalizes old buildings, constructs new facilities and prepare hundreds of acres to accommodate new twenty-first century employers and jobs, we do so with an eye toward best practices and innovation.

Some of our recent milestones include:


The Port is home to two LEED-certified office buildings. These facilities make efficient use of natural resources and provide occupants with a healthy, comfortable environment in which to work. Features include use of repurposed / recycled construction materials and electric usage that is at least 50% wind-generated.


Our landscaping team maintains hundreds of acres on our property and beyond (we have agreements with the City and the Texas Department of Transportation to maintain landscape along General McMullen Blvd. and General Hudnell Dr.)

With the help of recycling partners Texas Disposal and Gardenville, we recycle nearly 20,000 cubic yards of grass trimmings, leaves, branches and other organic material every year. These are converted to mulch and reused for landscaping on and around the property.


We are instituting water-saving measures throughout the property—including replacing landscape sprinkler systems to low-volume irrigation. Thanks to efforts so far, we’re saving 500,000 gallons of water per year. And with upcoming conversions, we look forward to saving up to a million gallons per year. And wherever possible, we rely on attractive landscaping plants that are low water consumers and drought-resistant.


Last spring, 100,000 tons of rubble from demolished obsolete warehouses were crushed on site. Instead of heading for the landfill, we kept the material on our property and will use it as foundation for new buildings.

In recent months we’ve also been donating old railroad track—which was last in use decades ago when our campus was the former Kelly Air Force Base—to the San Antonio Railroad Heritage Museum (SARHM). Totaling approximately 200,000 pounds and nearly one mile in length, the track will be used by the Museum to display historic engines and railcars at its Elmendorf, TX site.


Port San Antonio is currently working with CPS Energy to retrofit lighting technology and reduce energy usage throughout our large campus. Thanks to a CPS Energy rebate and tax incentive, customers whose facilities are equipped with outdated lighting are able to have their fixtures converted to the more efficient T5 fluorescent technology.

To replace outdated lighting, the Port is installing over 15,000 energy-efficient lighting structures—at no cost to our customers—in approximately 60 buildings campus-wide, resulting in an annual savings of $3–$5 million per year.

And over at the Gateway Residences at Port San Antonio—the former Billy Mitchell Village Apartments — similar low-energy LED ceiling structures are being installed in each of the 374 units undergoing renovation by Granite Redevelopment Properties. New low-energy refrigerators, dishwashers and stoves are also part of the upgrades that will result in cost- and energy-savings for residents.