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The  City of San Antonio’s Transportation and Capital Improvements Department has just completed a half-mile stretch of road that extends 36th Street between Billy Mitchell Boulevard and General Hudnell Drive.


The new road ends near large facilities where many of the Port’s major employers are located. They include expansive aircraft maintenance workshops as well as several Air Force headquarter operations. The road also supports ongoing development of industrial and mixed-use sites in the heart of the property.

Cybersecurity and aerospace jobs are supported by 36th Street

The extension will end next to large facilities used by aerospace and Department of Defense operations.

Map of completed 36th Street extention, Dec 2017

This latest phase of 36th Street is part of a $60-million road construction effort that began a decade ago. Between 2005 to 2012, three construction phases widened and extended 36th Street by nearly two miles—from U.S. Highway 90 to Billy Mitchell Boulevard.

Since 2005, the Port, City of San Antonio and other partners have grown 36th Street by over two miles into the heart of the Port. The extension completed in 2012 supports development of 400 acres for aerospace and manufacturing facilities and increases connectivity as commuter and logistics traffic grows at the site.

36th Street completed extension, facing North


Funding and construction partners over the years have included the City of San Antonio, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Texas Department of Transportation and the Port. The Port also oversaw design of the project while the City and TxDOT managed construction of past phases.

The just-completed extension was made possible thanks to $6 million obtained through the 2012 San Antonio municipal bond program. The Port contributed an additional $3 million to the last phase.

36th Street completed extension, facing East.

The latest road extension is part of over $150 million in recent, ongoing and upcoming capital projects at the Port.

Additional activities throughout the property include significant investments by the organization’s customers, public entities and the Port itself.

In recent months, the Port launched the first phase of Project Tech—an upcoming office complex that starting in 2018 will provide spaces especially suited to support the growing number of cybersecurity and other advanced technology employers at the Port.

Work is also underway to add over 200,000 square feet of industrial spaces at the intersection of Billy Mitchell Boulevard and 36th Street to accommodate employers in manufacturing and logistics/distribution.

And this spring, San Antonio voters approved a comprehensive bond measure to fund major capital needs throughout the region. Among them is an allocation of $24 million for a large project that complements existing drainage work that is an integral part of the 36th Street construction at the Port. An upcoming channel connect drainage infrastructure built alongside 36th Street and allow rainwater to flow south toward Leon Creek.

The upcoming drainage infrastructure is essential for further development of hundreds of acres at the Port where additional facilities can grow new jobs in aerospace, cybersecurity, manufacturing, global logistics and other targeted industries.

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