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Convair F-106 Delta Dart


Located in the parking lot of Project Tech Building 1 (3203 General Hudnell Dr.)

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Excerpt from the Commemorative Plaque:

Dedicated on November 20, 1987 to the Kelly Heritage Foundation by Norman R. Strait, former Deputy Program Director

The Convair F-106 Delta Dart was the first aircraft to achieve sustained flight in excess of mach 2 speeds. Its advanced electronics pioneered the way in computer-controlled flight and armament launch.


Convair F-106 Delta Dart/57-2533.

Developed as the primary all-weather interceptor for the United States Air Force, the Delta Dart was dubbed the Ultimate Interceptor from the 1960s through the 1980s. its mission was to shoot down other aircraft — particularly bombers — using electronic guidance and a fire control system. 

Taking its first flight in 1956 and first arriving at Kelly Field in 1959, the Delta Dart was a technological improvement on the F-102 Delta Dagger, which was previously utilized by the Air Force and maintained at Kelly Field. The Delta Dart was powered by a J-75 engine, which provided it with fifty percent more thrust than the J-17 engine provided the Delta Dagger.


Kelly Field's main effort on behalf of the F-106A did not involve repair, but rather management - such as the purchase of upgrade kits to be installed at various depots throughout the country. Most improvements to the F-106A, which included engine upgrades, airfield lighting equipment, life support system items and aerospace ground equipment, were completed by 1963, with one of the last major modifications being the addition of air-to-air refueling receptacles in 1968. Additional modifications, particularly to the electronics systems, continued thereafter until the F-106A left the inventory in 1988.

On December 15, 1959, Col. Joe Rogers achieved a world speed record of 1,525.695 mph (mach 2.41) while piloting an F-106A Delta Dart. This aircraft remains the fastest single-engine turbojet-powered airplane.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

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History of the Delta

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Kelly Field Annex.


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