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All-inclusive Fitness Center at Port Serves the Entire Community

Made for Moore Fitness offers a variety of exercise and nutrition programs to members



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San Antonians have a new option for achieving their health and fitness goals.

With its 24-hour weightlifting, basketball, volleyball, cardio and racquetball amenities, Port San Antonio-based Made for Moore Fitness provides members with state-of-the-art workout amenities and educational services to guide them on their fitness journeys.

Made for Moore Fitness

“Our vision is more than just getting people fit,” says company President Matthew Warren. “We’re addressing the root cause by educating people from the ground-up.”

Made for Moore Fitness ensures that members are well-equipped as they aim to improve their overall health.

“We have personal trainers who help people with their specific goals,” says CEO and Founder Chris Moore. “We offer nutrition, information and consults with our clients, and we provide important guidance toward what they need to eat and what they need to do to improve their lifestyles.”

Made for Moore Fitness also features numerous programs and events.

Made for Moore Fitness

“It’s more than just a gym,” continues Warren. “From wrestling tournaments to all kinds of basketball tournaments, we’re developing mentorship programs, guest speakers, lots of educational and youth activities. We can start at an early age and get kids on the right path.”

Made for Moore Fitness is a veteran-owned business and offers a 10% discount to active duty members.

Made for Moore Fitness