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Voices from those who are part of the history, present and future of a San Antonio icon.
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10/18/2017: THE HISTORY KEEPERS OF KELLY FIELD—It takes special dedication and tireless work to capture 100 years of history of an icon of military aviation.

9/6/2017: KELLY: A LOVE STORY—For decades, Kelly Air Force Base was central to the lives of countless San Antonians. Generations of civilians from throughout the region found  lifelong careers at the former base. It was a foundation that allowed them to raise families and build their futures.

4/3/2017: ACROSS GENERATIONS—After serving in World War II, where he earned a Purple Heart, Joe Glawson returned to his job at Kelly. During a 35-year career he rose from apprentice to leading hundreds of team members supporting B-52’s and other important aviation platforms.

2/6/2017— ACROSS GENERATIONS—David Marquez’ parents met when each was employed at Kelly. He followed in their footsteps years later by working in one of the machine shops and as a computer network support administrator at the base. Those hands-on experiences bolstered his future career as a job-creator. Today he is one of our community’s leading economic development executives and a partner in transforming the former base as a place of new opportunities for thousands of people.

1/18/2017— When it was announced in 1995 that Kelly Air Force Base would shut-down, Juan Solis sat on the San Antonio City Council, representing District 5. He quickly became a leader who helped oversee the initial redevelopment vision for the former basea place where his own father and others in his family had worked. His efforts to serve the community continue more than 20 years later as a dedicated member of the Port’s Board of Directors.

1/9/2017—ACROSS TWO ERAS — Rosalie began her career at Kelly as an Air Force stenographer. Almost 30 years later, she’s one of the pioneers who continues to help bring new life to the former base.

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