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New technology allows humans to supervise and remotely assist robots anywhere in the world


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — Plus One Robotics, a leader in developing artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor technology that allows industrial robots to learn and adapt in fast-paced dynamic environments, has helped change the world since first establishing its operations on the Port campus in 2018.

At its 10,000-square-foot facility, the advanced tech startup develops 3-D vision and AI software for global industrial, logistics and e-commerce operations to integrate into their robots and increase the efficiency of their workflow. 

Plus One is now undertaking a new initiative that will further streamline operations for its clients: the Yonder Project, which enables robots to be human-assisted from anywhere in the world via cameras and the cloud.

"We make the eyes for the robots to be able to work in those environments," said Plus One Robotics Founder and CEO Erik Nieves. "They do the same thing over and over again, and that works when you're going to build cars. It doesn't work when you have to move packages or fulfill orders."


Robots are able to call for assistance from locally-based crew chiefs if adjustments are necessary.

Demand for Plus One's technology has accelerated significantly to satisfy the increase of online purchasing during the COVID-19 crisis.  

"These robots don't need to do social distancing and don't need to wear the masks," says Plus One Robotics Developer Zachary Keeton. "San Antonio is ushering in a new era of remote labor."


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