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CNF Technologies Streamlines Online Presence

Updated website showcases outreach programs, scholarships, internships and other community events.


San Antonio-based CNF Technologies, which has provided world class cybersecurity solutions since 2005 and recently expanded its operations at the Port, has introduced a revamped and user-friendly official web presence. 

The firm is recognized as one of San Antonio’s largest software developers and fastest-growing cybersecurity providers.



CNF Technologies works primarily with government agencies in developing, testing, sustaining and employing cyber weapon systems and technologies for offensive and defensive cyber operations, as well as supporting law enforcement and counterintelligence operations.

The company's streamlined web presence not only brings its award-winning expertise to the forefront, but also serves a convenient recruiting platform for prospective employees who seek to join one of San Antonio's most successful cyber firms. 

According to CEO Roxanne Ramirez, the updated website highlights the heart of CNF: employment opportunities, outreach programs, scholarships, internships and other community events that demonstrate the company's commitment to cultivating the next generation of cyber leaders.

“We pride ourselves on being leaders in cybersecurity, but now we’re so excited to have a website where our customers and community can get to know us better on a more personal level," says Ms. Ramirez. "Community service and outreach programs are a top priority for CNF, and we want to share our fun and service with the world."


Already, CNF Technologies has been instrumental in growing a regional tech hub into a major center for cybersecurity activity on the Port campus through its expertise in mitigating online threats. 

“Everybody that has a computer on their desk has to worry about an adversary exploiting vulnerabilities,” explains CNF Technologies Founder and Principal Fred Ramirez. “We have a spectrum of services that we provide, such as reverse engineering, certification accreditation and penetration testing. And our personnel is also co-located with our clients as they monitor the military’s largest networks.”


A member of San Antonio’s Cyber Hall of Honor, Mr. Ramirez founded CNF Technologies after spending 25 years in the IT and security field with the Air Force and private industry. During his career, he has overseen teams whose cutting-edge technologies blazed new trails in the cybersecurity world – including helming the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT) as it deployed the first-ever in-house developed anti-virus, intrusion detection, and vulnerability scanning tools across the Air Force enterprise.

Recently, CNF Technologies partnered with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) as the institution establishes its National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC), which will advance research, education and workforce development in cybersecurity, data analytics and cloud computing. Along with the Port, the NSCC is a vital cog in bolstering the region’s status as a tech and cyber epicenter.