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A Cornerstone of Operational Efficiency

Strong network infrastructure supports customers’ capabilities today and well into the future. A well-planned cabling system is the cornerstone of an organization’s ability to maximize network efficiency and adapt to changing needs without downtime or interruption.

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Adam Alotaibi
Information Technology Director


Design/installation of new office space wiring, including
cubicles, server rooms and cameras/AV equipment

Available to Port San Antonio Customers

Port San Antonio’s Communications Infrastructure Support team offers the highest standards in information technology (IT) cabling services. As a Port customer, you can count on us to assist with your communications needs.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of our team, we can quickly expedite new and existing wiring services.

network cabling

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling refers to copper or fiber wiring located in walls, ceilings, floors, manholes and duct systems. These cables connect your computers, phones, wireless access points, cameras and copiers, among other devices, to data and phone networks.

Structured cabling provides low voltage power to devices using power-over-ethernet (PoE) technology. This connectivity is necessary to have full-functioning network capabilities.

Our Services:

  • Design/installation of new office space wiring, including cubicles, server rooms and cameras/AV equipment
  • Update telephone lines, fax lines and fire alarms
  • Update network cabling items such as fiber enclosures and panels, cabinets and extenders
  • Provide communications design consultation based on CAD drawings, site surveys, maps/layouts and new building designs


network cabling

Our Team

  • Proven experience in all facets of networking and telecommunications
  • Areas of expertise include engineering, communications design, installation, fiber optics and outside plant infrastructure construction
  • Experience with both commercial sector and Department of Defense facilities
  • Able to cater services to customers in both open environment and secure facilities