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Full throttle ahead for new aerospace training graduates

StandardAero’s San Antonio-based paid training program empowers newcomers as they build their futures on the leading edge of aerospace technology.


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StandardAero recently celebrated the graduation of the company's third and fourth classes from its in-house Aviation Mechanic Training Program at the company's Port San Antonio site.



Twenty-five employees/students graduated from the recent program and celebrated the event on December 11 at the Boeing Center at Tech Port, along with their family members, StandardAero leadership and representatives from both the City of San Antonio and Port San Antonio. Russell Ford, Chairman & CEO of StandardAero, traveled from the company's Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters to deliver the keynote speech at the graduation ceremony.

"Hiring, training and retaining aviation maintenance technicians is one of our biggest challenges and top priorities for StandardAero and our entire industry," said Greg Chapman, Director of Training and Workforce Development. "To accelerate our ability to quickly bring on new skilled workers as the business expands, our senior leadership had the vision and the foresight to work with local partners and invest in an upskilling program. That investment included hiring 12 dedicated instructors and providing dedicated space, resources and a customized curriculum for our new hires to hit the ground running — whether they have any aviation or mechanical experience or not."

So far, the program has included employees with significant industry experience, employees with experience from the automotive industry and employees with no mechanical experience at all. The 12-week program is modular to accelerate the training time for employees with previous experience and to get them on the factory floor quickly. For employees with little to no experience, the full program ensures that all students are fully oriented to gas turbine technology both through classroom and hands-on training, working with engine parts and components.

"Our goals for our graduating students are quite high," said StandardAero Chairman & CEO Russell Ford. "We want to bring in the most diverse candidates, train them quickly, retain 100% of our graduates and create a lifelong career path that provides them with meaningful work and rewarding pay and benefits."

StandardAero is continuing to sponsor the Training Academy in 2024 and beyond. The company has plans to train over 150 technicians next year and it also plans to transfer instructors and curriculum to other company facilities around the world to maximize StandardAero's ability to continue to hire and staff technicians to meet the company's growing global demands.

"For more than a century, StandardAero's name has been synonymous around the world with delivery of the highest quality service while continually innovating," said Port San Antonio President and CEO Jim Perschbach. "We are thrilled to see the rapid implementation of the new training program and the lifelong doors of opportunity that are being opened to hard working people across our community. Our longtime customer is building on San Antonio's proud aerospace heritage while developing new generations of talent and helping them chart an exciting course toward their futures."


Greg Chapman

Recent graduates of Standardaero's Mechanic Engine Training Program

Recent graduate of Standardaero's Mechanic Engine Training Program

StandardAero Graduate

Recent graduate of Standardaero's Mechanic Engine Training Program

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