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Kelly Field Youth Aerospace Expo


Join us for a free event
Saturday, November 16th
303 S. Frank Luke Dr.
Port San Antonio | View map
San Antonio, TX 78226

The Kelly Field Youth Aerospace Expo is an event for ages 8-17 with Airplanes, Drones, Robots, and much more.

We will be hosting the EAA Young Eagles program which allows youth, ages 8-17 to take a short flight in a small airplane (parent/legal guardian must be be present). Sign up at:

(Participation in flights is limited.)

attractions at the Kelly Field Youth Aerospace Expo

About the event

The Kelly Field Youth Aerospace Expo is an event for the local aviation community to inspire the next generation of the aerospace workforce. Using static aircraft displays, organizational tabling, and the EAA Young Eagle program, the Kelly Field Aerospace committee hopes to spread the joys of the aviation industry to youth.


The main attraction will be the Young Eagles flights. Young Eagles is a program under the Experimental Aircraft Association which utilizes local pilots and their aircrafts to take youth, ages 8-17, for a short introductory flight. Throughout the event organizations will be present in booths to showcase the facets and opportunities they represent. We will also be hosting various aircraft for static displays (eg. C-5, F-16, T-6, T-38, etc.) as well as conducting small demonstrations such as drone races and workshops.

The Kelly Field Youth Aerospace Expo


Aviation organizations can set up a booth showcasing aspects of their organization that appeal to ages 8-17. Booths allow youth to not only experience the many facets of aviation from model aircrafts to engineering, to military, but also allows for opportunities to plug into the organizations they encounter. Booths will be laid out in plots of 10x10, 10x20, 20x20, 20x30, 30x30, and 30x40 in order to accommodate all types of organizations and corporations with varying sizes of showcases.

Kelly Field Youth Aerospace Expo


Kelly Field Youth Aerospace Expo