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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -  District 5 City Councilwoman Teri Castillo has named Andy Castillo to Port San Antonio’s 11-member Board of Directors. 

A native San Antonian, Castillo has lived in the Quintana Community adjacent to the Port campus for over a decade, where he has served in numerous capacities on behalf of his neighborhood association, including as its current president. During that time, he has also worked closely with Port team members on various shared efforts, including supporting funding for essential infrastructure projects that benefit both Quintana residents and ongoing job growth on the Port campus. Through the association he leads, he has also helped connect families in his neighborhood with educational programs offered by the Port-based San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT).
Castillo is an architectural designer and a registered accessibility specialist. He holds an undergraduate and master’s degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and currently works for Ford, Powell & Carson Architects, with experience on a wide range of public space, school, residential and commercial development projects. 
“I’m excited that Andy will bring a wealth of experience and deep passion for his community to this important appointment,” said Councilwoman Castillo. “His longstanding and strong relationship with the Port team, the respect and trust he has earned from his neighbors, his professional experience, and his thoughtful leadership will be essential assets as the Port continues making big strides for our community. Andy will play a key role in ensuring that the neighborhoods that surround the Port connect even more with life-changing opportunities being created on the large innovation campus.”
“Andy comes to us during a time of unprecedented growth,”  said Port San Antonio Board Chair Chris Alderete. “In the last four years, over 5,000 great new jobs in advanced technologies have been created here and we have brought multiple new projects online, including our recently completed state-of-the-art Tech Port Center and Arena, which will set us on an accelerated path to connect people with the educational, career and entrepreneurial paths that are being forged here. Andy will be an essential connector to our immediate community. He will also be an important voice as we build a place that is changing San Antonio’s economic future and raising our profile as a global innovation destination. We greatly appreciate Councilwoman Castillo’s strong and thoughtful support for our work, as reflected by her appointment of Andy to our board.”     
“I’m honored to have been chosen to serve in this important capacity,” said Castillo. “It has been exciting to watch up-close what has been happening at the Port in recent years and what this represents for today’s and future generations of families in our community.  I am eagerly looking forward to doing my part and working alongside my fellow board colleagues to fulfill a vision that is innovative, bold and inclusive, and that is already having a big positive impact in our community, with more great things to come.”       
Castillo is also a member of CPS Energy’s Citizens’ Advisory Committee, the CPS Energy Rate Advisory Committee, the City of San Antonio’s Disability Access Advisory Committee, and the Southside First Economic Development Council Board of Directors.


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