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Career opportunities as of September 25, 2020


Port San Antonio is a dynamic part of our region’s economy. Our large campus is home to over 80 public- and private sector employers in many exciting fields, including aerospace, manufacturing, Department of Defense / Air Force operations, cybersecurity, business support, logistics and many others.

Scroll below to find direct links to the latest job openings with organizations based at the Port. Please contact employers directly and follow the specific instructions for each posting to apply for a job.

This page is updated on a regular basis, so check in anytime to find the latest information about careers with our customers.


Bario Aviation Inc.

June 24, 2020: IA Mechanic / A&P Mechanic

June 24, 2020: Experienced CFI

Bario Aviation Inc.
401 N. Frank Luke Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 390-6444


Boeing logo

View the many opportunities at Boeing San Antonio.

375 Airlift Drive
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 600-8002


Booz Allen Hamilton logo

View the many opportunities at Booz Allen Hamilton at Port San Antonio.

Booz Allen Hamilton
3133 General Hudnell
San Antonio, TX 78226


View the many opportunities at CACI at Port San Antonio.

3203 General Hudnell
San Antonio, TX 78226



View the many opportunities at CNF Technologies at Port San Antonio.

CNF Technologies

9415 Dugas Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 957-2800


Ongoing: Teacher (General Application)

September 20, 2020: Enrollment Coordinator (Contract)

Compass Rose

522 Billy Mitchell
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 540-9265 


Chromalloy logo

View the many opportunities at Chromalloy at Port San Antonio

391 Industrial Park
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 331-2300

CIG logo

Ongoing: Bulk Terminal Operator

CIG Logistics
402 N. Tayman St.
San Antonio, TX 78226

Xero logo

Ongoing: Customer Care (Healthcare) Professionals

Ongoing: Customer Care Professionals

2822 General Hudnell, (main entrance)
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 526-3028


Ongoing: Various Warehouse Operations Positions

IFCO Systems
601 Raymond Medina
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 924-0017

Indo-MIM logo

March 25, 2020: Industrial Engineer

March 25, 2020: Quality Engineer

March 25, 2020: Application Engineer

September 15, 2020: Product Development Engineer

3902 SW 36th St.
San Antonio, TX 78226

IP Secure logo

January 1, 2020: Cyber Software Developer

January 1, 2020: Test Engineer/Coordinator

April 20, 2020: Cyber Test Engineer/Coordinator

April 20, 2020: Cybersecurity Engineer (TS/SCI Required)

April 20, 2020: Scrum Master (TS/SCI Required)

April 20, 2020: Malware Programmer – Reverse Engineer (TS-SCI Required)

July 1, 2020: Cyber Range Engineer

July 1, 2020: Integration Team Developer

September 25, 2020: Security Control Assessor

September 25, 2020: Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

IP Secure
903 Billy Mitchell Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 877-1111

knight logo

June 24, 2020: Government Sales Manager

June 24, 2020: Aircraft Electrical Technician

August 4, 2020: Electrical Engineer

Knight Aerospace
3606 SW 36th Street, Suite 101
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 433-9961 

Master Clean logo

May 1, 2020: Floor Technician

May 1, 2020: Essential Cleaner

Master Clean Services
919 Billy Mitchell, Suite 106
San Antonio, TX  78226
(210) 433-8201


View the many opportunities at Northrop Grumman at Port San Antonio.

Northrop Grumman
903 Billy Mitchell Blvd.
San Antonio, TX  78226

Pinnacle Logistics, Port San Antonio

Multiple logistics positions

Pinnacle Logistics, a cargo handler at Port San Antonio, is seeking new employees in several logistics / warehouse positions. Wages begin at $12.50 an hour and up, depending on experience and position. Drug screenings and criminal background checks are required.


For additional information, call (214) 549-7635 or send an email with work history / resume to: or

Pinnacle Logistics
201 N. Frank Luke Dr.
San Antonio, TX  78226

PlusOne Robotics

View the many opportunities at Plus One Robotics at Port San Antonio.

PlusOne Robotics
311 N. Frank Luke Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226

Reckon Point logo

March 1, 2020: Software Developer

March 1, 2020: Software Engineer/Electrical Engineer (Entry Level)

Reckon Point
102 Mabry Drive
San Antonio, TX 78226



View the many opportunities at Salient CRGT at Port San Antonio

Salient CRGT
3133 General Hudnell Dr. Ste 125
San Antonio, Texas 78226


StandardAero logo

January 2, 2020: Test Technician (J85)

May 29, 2020: Materials Laboratory Technologist

June 10, 2020: Manager, Customer Programs (AE2100)

June 26, 2020: Material Controller

July 30, 2020: Mechanic (J85)

August 6, 2020: Mechanic (F110)

August 19, 2020: Manager, Customer Programs (J85)

August 20, 2020: Manager, Production (F110)

August 20, 2020: Kitting Process Coordinator (F110)

September 4, 2020: Logistics Administrator

September 17, 2020: Director, Operations (Military Programs)

September 23, 2020: Customer Account/Program Configuration Lead (AE2100)

3523 General Hudnell Drive
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 334-6000



View the many opportunities at Technica at Port San Antonio

913 Billy Mitchell Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 334-6000


USAF logo

View the many opportunities with the USAF at Port San Antonio/JBSA-Lackland